At approximately 3:00 pm today, the Governor of Illinois issue a Shelter-In-Place order for all citizens and businesses in the State of Illinois in order to combat the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak.  This order applies to all people and businesses in the State of Illinois deemed to be non-critical. 

Lex Central Steel, Douglass Logistics and our steel mill suppliers were determined to be critical and strategic.  Our companies and suppliers will continue to operate without government restrictions. 

As a result of today’s news, Lex Central will employ the next part of our strategic plan.  The remaining Lex Central office employees who are not working remotely are now instructed to work remotely.  All critical personnel working at the processing facilities will continue to operate under our current virus safety guidelines.

Despite this upsetting news, Lex Central and Douglass Logistics will continue to process and deliver material to our customers. 

If anything changes, we will let everyone know.

God Bless All of You,

William Douglass