We Must Not Back Down

The United States Must Not Back Down Americans are about to be bombarded by our hyperventilating media about how Trump’s failure to reach agreement with the Chinese will devastate our economy, ruin our standing in the world, cause our farmland to dry up, and destroy the world.  Of course, everything bad that happens from now on is our President’s fault. … Read More

Marijuana & Business

As a businessman in the Midwest with hundreds of employees and customers depending on our timely delivery of steel, I am concerned with the nationwide trend to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  The popular position is to free law enforcement from the burden – and high costs — of tracking down, capturing and prosecuting offenders so it can go after … Read More

What’s Lex Got to do With It!

As a thriving steel manufacturing and distribution company based in the nation’s heartland, Lex Holding is constantly on the lookout for internal and external events that shape its business prosperity, including its employees, stakeholders, suppliers and customers.   That is why Bill Douglass, a member of the company’s board of directors and president of Lex Central Steel and Douglass Logistics, … Read More