A Letter from Our President

Dear Current and Prospective Customers,

LexCentral Steel is dedicated to providing superior service along with excellent quality products at a fair price. Our staff will add value to our customer’s purchasing process by providing helpful advice based on over 50 years of experience in the metals industry.

We conduct each business dealing in a professional and ethic manner. We demand the same level of service, quality and reliability from our suppliers and outside processors as we provide to our customers.

We have survived over five decades by operating on a unique distribution process that eliminates costs and provides our customers with superior production quality, logistical support and high quality products.

Since 1968 we’ve worked with customers to develop a rapport that includes a personal touch with regard to our customer’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated company that takes care of our employees and values each customer regardless of size or years of service.

Our goal as a corporation has not changed from when we first created LexCentral Steel, that goal is to be the premier steel distributor for the top carbon flat-rolled manufacturers in North America while continuously improving our slitting quality, cut-to-length and distribution process to meet and exceed our customers unique sourcing requirements and expectations.