We offer a variety of services including: slitting, toll processing, logistics, packaging, shipping, warehousing and providing purchasing recommendations tailored to the customer’s needs.

Lexington Steel’s top priority is meeting our customer’s specifications. From quality to dimensional accuracy to packaging and logistics, we aim to make the purchasing process and production process as efficient and timely as possible.

Our Process:

    • Sales order with the customer’s specifications is entered into the Lexington Steel system
    • Our Sales Team will then confirm the order is accurate
    • We will then pull steel from our inventory to apply the needed amount
    • Our Production Team will customize the steel to the desired specifications
    • Our Packaging team will package the product to protect our customer’s investment
    • Our Shipping and Receiving Team will help to ensure that the item is transported properly and in a timely fashion to the customer
    • We will provide certifications on the bill of lading or to the customer’s specification
    • The customer is invoiced and the transaction is completed